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May 27 2014


May 20 2014

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Check out this crazy and artistic picture I made together with my son! It was inspired by the beijing acrobat show we saw on our trip to China last year. We wanted to do an acrobatic stunt! But in the limits of our capabilities, so we were not as good as the extremely skilful Chinese acrobats. So on a beautiful day.. (yes, summer is coming and it's getting pretty warm!). We didn't tell mom and went to the swimming pool to have some fun.. then we got an idea to make this fun photo of us jumping down, and making a summersault. If this would have been the show in Beijing, we would have probably jumped from 10 meters. But my son is just 10 and I am also a pretty clumsy guy, so instead we jumped from 3 meters. Nevertheless it was a brave attempt. The guy taking the picture is our good expat friend, Frederico. Hope you like it and please, keep it secret from Mum! She didn't even like the acrobatic show, she said it was too scary. So imagine how she would react.

PS. Danger is my middle name! :)
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Couldn't resist sharing one more photo from the football crazy country of Brazil. I also love football, maybe not as much as traditionally the Brazilian people. Nevertheless, sometimes I get exited when I see some match on TV. Especially if my home country is playing. This stadium is in São Paulo.. I forgot the name but it's most probably one of the most amazing stadiums in the whole world. Crazy indeed! :P
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Well, since I am from Brazil. I thought that I should post the most beautiful picture I have. It's from the gorgeous country side of Porto Fanor, which is pristine countryside in my land of Brazil. I would say the two best things about my country is the nature and it's people. And the two things I miss the most, is the nature and people. At best, these two things go together. But industry and greed for money has sometimes taken over, so that it feels like we are doing so bad things to the nature there. I just want to spread love, beauty in the name of our nature and children. God bless!

April 29 2014

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Someone once asked me, what do I do for inspiration? Well.. it's simple, I look at at flowers. And don't ask me why. But what if there are no flowers.. what if it's winter. Well, I say.. I wait for Summer.

March 19 2014

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Is this theatre cool looking or what? Another gem from my travels in Beijing.. having been able to watch Opera that did not make me bored was probably a once in a life event. In fact, I got totally exited about the Peking Opera performance. Neither have I ever before been to such a cool theatre before, where you have the feeling like you go back in time when you sit there in the traditional tables, drink some tea.. listen to overly make up performers, make incredible noise that's somewhere between singing and screaming! :)
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March 16 2014

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I spotted a rainbow in Shanghai. Isn't it cool! Never seen one in the middle of such a big city before.

February 20 2014

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Another mind boggling night view in the buzzing city of Shanghai. This city has a lot to experience, for which this Shanghai Nightlife Guide comes in very handy indeed. While the daytime at the city has it's sea breeze charm.. at night the city really comes alive. Parties, food, people, lights and best of wall warm nights is what really puts my spirits up. Sometimes I have to escape to get a good nights sleep :)
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This used to be the tallest building in China. But it's still pretty impressive.. and I have been there! The Shanghai World Financial Center is crazy tall and the views are mind boggling.. if the weather is good and not too polluted! :P
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February 11 2014

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One of my favorite destinations in Hong Kong is the beautiful Lamma Island. All you can do is walk, eat and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Very different from downtown Hong Kong, but geographically very close!

January 27 2014

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You know I love China because of it's deep historical roots as well as it's originality. So many things in the world started in China. Especially martial arts.. and this is my absolutely favorite Kung Fu show in China. You can see it at the Red Theater in Beijing, which is a world famous venue.. and for a reason!

The first time I saw it was during my tour to China, back in 2008. The finny thing is that later when I came back this year, hardly anything had changed. While some parts of China are developing fast, some are stuck still to old times.

I kind of prefer the old times over the modern. But of course if you want to live there, you might be hoping for more development. Anyway I hope the performance at Red Theater will never change!!! :) Just love it.
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I'm not the biggest fan of traveling to the states. But the US does have some really retro "American" stuff that I love. For example this building I spotted in Fayette, Illinois. I wonder if these old Coke machines are still working!!
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This is one of the most amazing and beautiful beaches I have ever been to in my life. It's located in Albany, however there is hardly anyone ever around. Probably because it's small and hard to find (I won't tell you the location either!:-). But the amazing thing is that it's surrounded my mountains. Very cool!

January 25 2014

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This is the biggest beer I have ever seen in a bottle. 2 liters is enough and the taste wasn't that good either. Go Australia!

January 24 2014

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Engrish is like the spice of my life. I love to snap photos of mistaken English in foreign countries. This is one of my favorites, from China.

January 23 2014

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I love the Kimono. It got me up to the point that I started stalking people who wear kimonos in Japan.. :)

January 22 2014

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The language barrier is a very real issue in China. Good luck trying to order from this wall sized menu in Beijing! :)

January 16 2014

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An amazing view from one of my favorite destinations… Hong Kong, China.

January 14 2014

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This is what the Finnish Santa Clause looks like. At least at a nearby shopping mall =)

January 12 2014

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Believe it or not, this is my friends wooden Sauna in Finland. Might like cold from the outside, but it gets extremely hot inside.
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